African Wildlife Foundation Visit Site

AWF is the leading international conservation organization focused soley on Africa and Africa's diverse animals, plants and ecosystems. The organization takes a unique approach to ensuring the longevity of African wildlife by empowering the people of Africa to be stewards of the land. By promoting a co-existence between man, animal, and land, AWF envisions a future of wildlife proliferation and coexistence.

Amazon Concervation Assoc. Visit Site

The Amazon Conservation Association works to preserve the biodiversity of the Amazon Basin - home of the world's largest and most diverse rain forest. Roughly 2.5 million insect species, tens of thousands of plants, and more than 2,000 birds and mammals call the Amazon home, and the ACA works tirelessly to proect that region. The ACA promotes efforts to curb construction, logging, and de-forestation in the Amazon, which endanger the welfare of the Amazon and the entire planet.

Defenders of Wildlife Visit Site

Dedicated to preserving native wildlife species and their habitats throughout North America. This organization and its programs focus on protecting endangered species of animals and preserving, protecting and restoring their habitiats.

Hearts United for Animals Visit Site

Picture a typical dog shelter: Overcrowded with cramped cages full of sad and scared animals. Hearts United for Animals is nothing like that. Located in Nebraska, Hearts United for Animals is a rescue shelter situated on a sprawling 65-acre farm where dogs are free to play and enjoy life. Hearts United for Animals takes the mistreated dogs, and gives them a warm bed, good food, medical care and more of all, love.

Plant a Fish Visit Site

Plant A Fish is helping the marine enviornment by getting local kids involved. Recent projects include planting oyster beds in NYC harbor, aiding the struggling turtle population in El Salvador, and bringing back the might mangroves in Florida. Lead by Fabien Cousteay, the third-generation ocean explorer and enviornmental advocate, Plant A Fish partners with schools, businesses, and government agencies to educate and empower communities and help them restore and sustain their local waters.